The Space Age Isn't Over, As Long As We're Making Cool Art

The 1950s were a decade when science, space, and concepts of the future were celebrated within fashion, architecture, and design. Artist Mark Weaver takes advantage of the fantastic imagery and aesthetics produced during this era to inspire some breathtaking artwork. » 12/30/09 10:00am 12/30/09 10:00am

The Post-Apocalypse Is Stylish, Yet Again

The economy is in shambles, the ice caps are melting, and people are putting explosives in their skivvies. Should 2010 bring Mad Max to life, we can only hope that photographer Chen Zhun is in charge of styling. » 12/29/09 1:46pm 12/29/09 1:46pm

Graphic Designers Reinvent Science Fiction Television

Graphic designers are facing off as they re-envision pop culture. Something Awful turned some of our favorite video games into graphic book covers. Olly Moss did the same with more games. Now another artist has turned to television for inspiration. » 12/28/09 10:04am 12/28/09 10:04am

How The Post-Paper Future Will Mutate Interior Design

This season Amazon sold more e-books for the Kindle than paper books. Couple that stat with magazine publishers announcing an upcoming mag tablet and you're headed to a paper-free home. What happens to interior design after bookshelves are obsolete? » 12/28/09 8:40am 12/28/09 8:40am